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Sometimes you might have two or more pieces of paper that need to be stapled, but there's no stapler nearby, rendering you helpless! Or perhaps you simply like to be friendly to the environment.

Follow this instructable to "paperclip" your documents together with nothing but the paper you already have on hand.

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Step 1: Align Two Pieces of Paper Together

Align both your pieces neatly like you would with a stapler. Have the corner you want to staple on the top-left.

Step 2: Find the Fold Point and Fold the Corner

Find the "fold point" approximately 1 inch from the top and left of the paper. Take the top-left corner of your paper stack and fold it backwards over the fold point. Crease tightly.

Step 3: Tear Your Paperclip

Tear two 1/2 inch long openings approximately 1/2 an inch apart on your folded corner. Make sure the openings are parallel.

Step 4: Fold Your Paperclip

Fold the small flap between both the tears back behind your paper and crease tightly.

Step 5: Proudly Hand in Your Ecofriendly Paper!

Congratulations! Now you've done your part to help save the environment as well as made a cool alternative to using a staple.

Make sure you don't pull hard or the clip will come loose.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable!

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3 years ago

Very clever idea!