Economic Will-o'-the-Wisp / Foolish Fire / Nightvale's Glow Cloud


After reading:

I knew I wanted to make one too, but I wanted to add more lighting effects while staying in my limited version. So here is a more economical version of the Nightvale's Glow Cloud that can also be an "Enchanted Will-o'-the-Wisp", aka: Foolish Fire, Fool's Fire, Fox Fire, etc...

Note: To add the different light effects while making it more affordable, I had to make it smaller, but that also means it takes up less room.

Step 1: Supplies

1. Quilting Loft

2. Spray Glue & Super Glue

3. Paper Lantern (Got mine from Dollar Tree)

4. 2 or more Color Changing LED Candles (Also from Dollar Tree)

Step 2: Assemble

1. Disassemble LED candles.and Assemble Paper Lantern.

2. Glue them into the Paper Lantern.

3. Spray glue on Lantern and attach Loft.


NOTE: The Clouddoes not like to be photographed, so pleasewatch the two videos below this.

You now have a switch for each candle and the switch for the lantern. You can turn some on and leave others off to get different effects.

For example:

1. With only the switch originally in the paper lantern on, you get a regular cloud.

2. With all switches on, you get an angry cloud.

3. With just the candle switches on, you get Fox Fire!

This is a recording of it with the lights out.



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