Edgerton's BOOMER

Introduction: Edgerton's BOOMER

Edgerton's Boomer is a demonstration of launching an aluminum plate wirelessly. It is capable of launching an aluminum rectangle at least as high as the ceiling, which is around 10 feet. Wireless power transmission is achieved through magnetic field coupling.

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Step 1: Acquire Materials


-Wire: 18 gauge for the coil, around 14 gauge for everything else

-Capacitor: 8000 uF, 280V, electrolytic

-Switch: 300V, 4000A. Can be build out of plastic strips, aluminum plates, and fishing line

-Power Supply: 300V, 1A

-Aluminum Disc: Around 1/8" thick, 5 cm radius

Optional: Current Transformer

Step 2: Build the BOOMER

1). Wind a coil of around 15 turns and a radius of around 5 cm

2). Connect coil to capacitor and switch

3). Connect capacitor to power supply

Step 3: Operate the BOOMER

1). Place aluminum disc on coil

2). Charge capacitor to 270V

Safety note - be careful electricity can be dangerous

3). Turn on switch to activate BOOMER

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    2 years ago

    That's a neat setup :) Be careful!