Edible Candy Agate Slices!




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Trick your friends on April Fool's Day with this edible DIY! Learn how to make EDIBLE faux agate slices out of candy!

These faux agate slices look amazing and (most of them) taste great! You can make them in all sorts of colors and flavors and trick your friends into thinking your eating rocks and crystals!

Click the link or watch below: https://youtu.be/9JOm7wJ64WI

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    1 year ago

    Yes I do stuff with rocks making jewelry, so the candy making is a perfect idea for favors at a party for the jewelry/lapidary club I belong to.

    I used the non stick foil and it came off easily.

    Another Idea was I did a second melting. I lightly crushed the candy (small chunks) and barely melted it about 2-3 minutes so it is stuck onto the already melted agate but not completely melted to make it look like it had larger crystal formations in the candy. Instead of using the edible gold foil idea I melted white chocolate and milk or dark chocolate. You paint on the white chocolate around the edge. Let dry. Then paint on a milk or dark chocolate over the white chocolate to give it a stone look. Anne


    3 years ago

    Nice! One thing though, you can avoid all that breakage by using parchment paper. It was what I used to make the molds in the original Instructable I made: https://www.instructables.com/id/Agate-Rock-Lollipops-from-Crushed-Candy-Simple-and/

    3 replies

    Love your variation! hehe great minds think alike ;) I love how you made them into lollipops.
    Interesting using the parchment paper. Did you have trouble with it leaking though?

    I had no leak problems with the slit parchment molds. Great minds think alike, for sure! Even down to the exact same Dollar Tree candies, too! :D

    Good to know. :) The nice part about the tinfoil is you have more flexibility with the shape. haha yup, I needed a bunch of hard candy for my cotton candy machine I bought last year and found a fantastic array in the dollar store (I don't believe in candy expiring lol). Then there was a local candy store that had a ton of unique and imported hard candies (where I got the ginger candy!). I actually just went to Christmas Tree Shop this weekend and they had a bunch of assorted flavors. I'm always on the hunt! lol