Edible Colorful Sugar Glowlights



Ever had guests at the last moment and wondered how to not make the house drab and boring? Worry not, for here is the Colorful Sugar Glowlight waiting for you to make in less than two minutes

You will need:

A glass


clean water


food dye

Step 1: The Glow Secret

Now this is what your final output will look like, so you will also be needing a flashlight which is the essential component of the glow

Step 2: Water and Glucose

So, firstly we need to mix the water and glucose together

Step 3: Voila

Now add sugar and food coloring for the final output and mix well, you are ready with the main component, now just keep a flashlight under the glass, switch off the lights and there you go! And yes, after the party is over, gulp down the mix!



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