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Hey everyone it's momo. I've been on vaca. So I've been busy and haven't been able to make any instructables for y'all, but now I'm back on track!

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Step 1: Ingredients

1- 3/4 cup of brown sugar
2- 1/4 tbs of vanilla
3- 1 cup if flour
4- 1/4 cup of milk
5- 1/4 cup of butter
6- ***optional*** 1/2 cup of chocolate chips

Step 2: Directions

Use a mixer to mix all of the ingredients together and that's literally all you have to do!!! ~DO NOT BAKE~

Step 3: Finished!

I know this instructable was short but it's so awesome! I love this cookie mix! If you haven't already follow me, become a member of the farm family and give a cow it's wings! Love y'all •_£

Step 4: Momo's Shoutout Sunday

Okay, so if you're familiar with my page, you should know that I give Shoutouts to 3 of my followers every Sunday. I have selected three very special users and ask for you to follow them!

First, " doodledoos " which for the record, is an adorable username! I saw this little dog toy and even though I have 3 cats (and no dogs) this was a very clever tutorial! Go follow her

Next, " 4everbagelz21 " made this amazing drawing of elsa! Y'all know I love it when I see my followers are active and recent (with instructable making) and I love frozen who doesn't;) so follow her because this is really cool!

And lastly, " tizxv " because I love ping pong, it's a good way to pass the time, but you can't take a whole table wherever you go! So they made this instructable and I think it's awesome! Go follow them

YOU too can be a part of momo's shoutout Sunday! How? You only need to make sure your page has just 2 things:
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2- you need to be an active user. (Meaning your most recent instructable has to be from at most a month ago)



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    5 years ago

    this is awesome! and thanks for the shoutout! I would've said so earlier, but my brains been on vacation alway from my body it appears (:


    5 years ago

    Luv this! Hey I was wondering if u could consider me for your shoutout Sunday?