Edible Easter Nests





Introduction: Edible Easter Nests

When my kids were little I didn't have much money to spend on Easter goodies. So I usually purchased a new summer outfit and made Easter nests. Each dinner plate at Easter dinner had a nest on it. This became a family tradition. Now the kids have grown up and have children of their own, I still make the nests for all of them.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools.

Collect 18 plastic zip loc sandwich bags, a large pan or Dutch oven, a large long handled spoon, a small spatula, a knife or spoon, and a pancake turner or something that is flat on the bottom to stir the melted chocolate. You will also need a cookie sheet lined with waxed paper, or just lay the waxed paper on the table or countertop.

Step 2: Purchase Ingredients.

You will use a 12 ounce bag of Chow Mein noodles, 1 pound of melting chocolate, either melting buttons or block type, 54 egg shaped Easter candies, and 18 chicken shaped Peeps, optional. Depending on the size nests you make, this recipe should yield approximately 18 nests that are 3" across.

Step 3: Begin Recipe.

If you are using block chocolate, to aid the chocolate in melting more quickly, break or cut the block into smaller pieces. You may use regular chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, or flavored chips also. I have heard of adding peanut butter to the mix but don't know the required measurement. Oil based mint or cherry flavoring for chocolate might be good also. Melt the chocolate over low heat while frequently stirring with a flat bottomed utensil being careful to not let it scorch. When chocolate is completely melted, add the Chow Mein noodles. Stir until they are totally coated with chocolate. Drop a 3" clump of what now looks like twigs on waxed paper.

Step 4: Shape Nests

Shape nests by gently pressing your spoon into the center of the clump to separate the twigs a bit and make a small dent with your spoon. Continue to stir noodles in your pan every once in a while, which is now being kept warm on low heat.

Step 5: Laying Eggs.

Add three candy eggs of differing colors to the dents in the nests. As the chocolate cools, it will adhere the eggs to the nests.

Step 6: Shape Nests

Because it is hard to shape the nests with the large spoon before the eggs are added, you can use a knife or spoon to gently press the twigs back into the nest if you like a more rounded shape. Be careful not to move the eggs.

Step 7: Glue Down the Peep.

Peeps are optional. By this time you should have about 18 nests depending on the size you have chosen. There will be a tiny bit of chocolate on the sides and bottom of your pan. Scrape it off with a spatula and apply a little bit to the bottom of each Peep. Lay the Peep on top of the eggs and allow the chocolate to cool before moving. If you don't have enough chocolate left, sprinkle just a few chocolate chips in your still warm pan to use to glue your Peeps to the eggs.

Step 8: Package Your Easter Nests.

Allow your nests to cool for 15-30 minutes on waxed paper. When cool, insert them into a zip loc sanwich bag to keep them fresh. Happy eating!!



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    23 Discussions

    so cute =D ..making them for our church. I'm sure the kids will love them. Thank you Esther for an easy edible idea =D

    this is great!  I had to come up with a creative activity for a class I am teaching and this fits perfectly with the topic and is so easy to do with the kids!

    What a great easter snack, I made them yesterday for my young cousins and they turned out delicious! Thanks you soo much!!

    Wonderful idea! This is going on my creative to-do list for Easter. Thanks for sharing it with all of us on Instructables.

    Glad you liked it. I've been doing one version or another for many years.

    This is wonderful, I can't wait to make them for Easter. Save money and create a family tradition, good on you, Esther

    Yummy! I haven't eaten those easter egg candies (the little egg shaped ones) in a LONGGGGGG time. Nice job. +1 rating. (added to favorites)

    OHHH that sounds good. Pecans would go well with butterscotch. Then when it is cold, dip the whole thing in chocolate. LOL.

    I make treats that are very similar to this except they aren't really easter related and instead of using chocolate I use butterscotch. I also throw some mini marshmallows into the mix and a few other ingredients. I'll have to make an Instructable for them.

    Gonazar, can you imagine how many chocolate sticks it would take to make 18 nests? The sticks are straight also and wouldn't resemble the twigs as much. Then you'd have to coat them with chocolate again to get them to stick and cover the broken ends of the sticks. And the chow mein noodles are like you say a cheap way to go. I would guess that I spent around $9.25 on the materials for 18 nests. That's a little over .50 a piece. Without the Peeps, it would run around .37 each. When you say ovaltine, are you speaking of the ovaltine milk drink mix? I don't get the connection.

    why not just chocolate sticks, ovatine or pocky or something like that, maybe slightly melted to get them to stick, or added chocolate. chow mein noodles???? I suppose it's better if you have that on hand or if your looking for a cheap, cheap solution. in reflection, chow mien noodles aren't bad at all, like the kids will really notice, lol

    Last week at a preschool auction I watched my 6-year old daughter go intense over winning these in a dessert auction. Needless to say I am thrilled to see a DIY. Thanks!

    Oooh! Those look good! Favorited, I'll have to make these this Easter. :)