Edible Eyeballs





Introduction: Edible Eyeballs

Will your guests be brave enough to gobble up these tasty eyeball treats?  Cake balls and doughnut holes do double duty as delicious desserts and dreadful decor.  But these baleful bites are deceptively delicious.  Give your guests an eyeful and serve up something sweet this Halloween!

  • Cake balls or doughnut holes
  • Gummy Lifesavers
  • Chocolate chips
  • White Chocolate
  • Red decorator's gel

  1. Melt white chocolate in a bowl set over simmering water.
  2. Dip cake balls or doughnut holes in white chocolate and set on parchment.
  3. Add gummy Lifesavers and chocolate chips to create iris and pupils before the chocolate sets.
  4. Decorate pupils with a dot of white chocolate to add the resemblance of light reflecting off the eye.
  5. Add blood vessels with red decorators gel and a toothpick.
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    11 Discussions

    That is AWESOME!!!!

    What about just using powdered donut holes? I can't eat white chocolate without feeling ill. :-/ Love these!! Thanks for posting.

    Doughnut holes instead of cake balls??!! GENIUS!!!

    Loved the idea, but don't care for cake holes so I made mine with a peanut butter truffle recipe. Everyone loves them. Thanks!

    2 replies

    Oh my gosh, that is such a better idea. You should make an Instructable of your recipe!!