Edible Fire Hydrant 123D Catch



Introduction: Edible Fire Hydrant 123D Catch

In this instructables you'll find how to make an edible cheese fire hydrant.
In order to make your own fire hydrant from cheese please follow my previous instructable explaining how to make a card board fire hydrant using 123D Catch.

You'll need;
Your laser cut template
Sliced cheese
Knife, to cut your cheese
Cutting board

Step 1: Prepare Your Working Area

Bring your sliced cheese packages and your laser cut template also have a clean space.

Step 2: Cut Your Cheese

Start using your leftover laser cut piece as a template and cut your cheese slices.

What I found useful is to number my cardboard holes looking at my laser cut illustrator file and start from number 1 to stack each slice as I continue. Since your cheese will not have numbers on it, it would be confusing to stack after you finish cutting all your slices.

Step 3: Stack Up!

Continue cutting and stacking up until you reach to top. You will not need any adhesive, since cheese is sticky by itself and inorder to have an edible fire hydrant.

Step 4: Finish

There! You have an edible fire hydrant! You can experiment this with different forms and make funny surprises to your loved ones.

Do not throw away your unused cheese slices, they will make good toppings for your pasta, pizza, burrito or you may have a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch!

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