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Pies are our  family favourite. I have already published one pie  and here is my second Edible Robot Pie. With 10 hours of  working every day I have very little time which is only weekends.Still I try my best to contribute some time on this site which has won my heart ever since I joined.
I came up with an idea of making a Robot Pie. For this I needed  a Robot baking tray. So why not make my own baking tray?

There are some images missing in this project,so please excuse as I was in a hurry to make this and missed out some  pictures.

I know there are loads of people who are addicted to instructable just like me.I am sure this robot is also a favourite of yours.So please don't forget to vote for it once it comes up in Piecontest ,and full  spectum laser  contest.(if it is accepted)Thank you ......

Step 1: Requirements for Robot Baking Tray

3-4 Barbecue foil trays
Ruler (option)

Step 2: Get Started With the Template

Well I decided to make the Instructable Robot baking tray as this is the Robot that I have fallen in love since two years. Then all of you'll can imagine how many times  I am seeing him for a's countless.
Alright let's get to the template.Fold the paper into two and draw half of the body of the Robot in a piece of paper. The size you draw will be the size of your robot baking tray. It is up to you to decide how big you want. I have drawn 11 inches in length ,so the  pie is going to be the same size.Cut out the template and open it out .
Draw the head ,legs,and wheels seperately and cut them out.

Step 3: Make Robot Tray 1

Slit on all four sides of the barbecue tray and flatten it. Keep the template over it and cut on all sides leaving enough space to fold upwards.Once you have folded upwards on all sides ,cover the tray with a foil ,as the barbecue tray has small holes in it.
Once completed I realized that  I have forgotten the Robot's hands. Oh! My poor need a  pair of hands to send me the prize pack. I am sorry I have to do a small surgery to get your hands back. See image 8  after the hand surgery. He has got a pair of hands. Perfect

For the wheels I used a lid. You need to roll the barbecue foil around the lid as that is thicker than the kitchen foil.Now wrap a piece underneath and cover the whole wheel with the aluminum foil.

Step 4: Robot Tray 2

This robot tray is in several parts which is easy to make. It's the same way to do and then you will have to cover it up with foil.

Step 5: Ingredients

What you need to make the crust

2 cups of all purpose flour
125 gr cold butter (chopped into pieces)
2 table spoons sugar
1 egg yolk
2 table spoon iced water

For the surgery  :)

 Little Icing sugar and butter -not in picture

Step 6: Make Crust

To do it by food processor

This rich shortcrust pastry is for sweet pies and tarts.
Place two cups flour into a food processor with 125 grams cold butter,chopped into pieces,and two table spoons of sugar. Process until mixture resembles coarse breadcrumbs.Add the egg yolk and iced water and process until mixture comes together,adding more water  if necessary .Wrap  with cling film and chill  for 30 minutes.

To make by hand
Sift flour into a large bowl ,add the chopped butter.Rub the butter into flour with the fingertips for 3 minutes or until mixture is fine and crumbly.Stir in sugar,egg yolk and water,mix to a soft dough.make into a ball wrap with cling film and chill.

Step 7: Roll and Fill Trays

Now switch on the oven to 200° C so that the oven will be ready by the time you roll and put the dough in the tray.
Flour your table top,grab your dough from the fridge (after 30 minutes) and roll .The easy way to put it to the tray is by taking the dough to the rolling pin and shift it  over the tray.

Now this is the most difficult part to insert it inside the tray because the Robot's legs and hands are small. Carefully  press the dough on the tray edges.The second tray I pressed the dough with a fork -this is just a fancy idea -skip this.Cut out a round and insert it into the wheels.

Step 8: Bake

Slip the baking trays into  the hot oven and bake for about 20-30 minutes or until it's golden in colour.
The legs and wheels are missing in the second crust, they are baking.

Step 9: Surgery

Now that this robot is in several parts ,you need to do another surgery and fix the body parts together.Cut away small piece  as shown  (x) in the first image. Mix butter and icing sugar together and paste the body parts together.

Step 10: Filling and Decoration

Required Fruits for the filling

1 tin peach
A new painting brush
Edible icing coloring black
Tooth prick

Step 11: Peach Robot

Drain the peaches and pat dry with a kitchen tissue. Arrange the peaches on the Robot's Body. Cut two pieces from the strawberry and place it for the eyes.Cut the middle of the grapes and insert  it into the wheels.
Use the  new painting brush to give an out line in black with the  edible icing colour.
Cut three  rounds of grapes and place it on the body,and also cut the grapes skin straight and decorate as shown in the images.
Finally cut two more bigger pieces of strawberries  for the ears. Cut a tooth prick  into two small pieces and prick the strawberries and attach it as ears. This part you have to do it slowly if not the crust will break .

Step 12: Filling and Decoration 2

1 tin Mandarine
3 Raisins -not in picture
balance peaches. (used only 1 slice)

Step 13: Mandarine Robot

Cut open the mandarins tin, strain the mandarin well. Pat dry with a kitchen tissue, and cut them in to small pieces. Arrange them on the Robot crust.The rest of the decoration is the same as robot 1.For this I used 3 raisins on the body and out lined with  violate icing color which looks like black.The mandarine was not enough ,so I used one slice of the peach.Can you spot?

Step 14: Robot Treat.

What do you think of this Robot Pie?
I got the crust recipe from a recipe book.,and the idea is my own.Comments welcome ...
Thank you for taking time to view my Robot pie.

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    I am glad you too know the fact.Yes it was shocking to me too.Shazn's rose was execellent.Not only in Pie contest,lately it is happening in many contest.Thanks Faiza!

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    Wow! This is an ingeniuous and well though out idea, I just have to try it! You certainly have my vote (when its accepted)

    Thank you for sharing your amazing work! :-)

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    Thank you so much for liking my Robot.I was extremely over tired,and just did it over the counter,if I had the time I would have done it according to my ideas.have a lovely weekend.


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    this is so adorable! Ingenious way of making the pie tin. Ahhh.. I'm so jealous, have a feeling that you would win the decoration prize. Still I would vote for you as I love how this looks. Good luck for the pie contest!

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