Edison-Smoke-Human-Detect System Using Twilio (Python)

Introduction: Edison-Smoke-Human-Detect System Using Twilio (Python)

Connect motion sensor and infrared detection sensor to count people entering a room. Use smoke sensor to detect smoke/fire. Send text to cell phone using Twilio API to inform about smoke.

Step 1: Flash Latest FW Image

Copy the FW image files to Edison.

Check the COM port for Edison

Connect using Putty

Then on Putty Console - reboot ota

Connect to Wifi - configure_edison --wifi

Set-up root password - configure_edison --password

opkg update - to get the list of packages

opkg upgrade - to update the packages

Step 2: Add the Base Shield From the Grove Kit

Connect the base shield provided in the grove kit so that the other sensors can be connected. Connect the Infrared detector to D0. Connect the display to the I2C connector.

Step 3: Install Pip and Twilio Python Library

Follow the below steps on the Edison console -

wget --no-check-certificate https://bootstrap.pypa.io/get-pip.py

python get-pip.py

pip install twilio

Step 4: Send Text Using Twilio Library

Create an account on Twilio and get an auth key. Use the python example to send a custom message when object moves or some other sensor condition.

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