Editing Video in Windows Movie Maker

Introduction: Editing Video in Windows Movie Maker

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This guide will cover how to snip videos, mute sound in the clip, how to add music, and how to add screen titles as well as where your video transitions and effects are located and how to use them.

It is particularly helpful for those that are wishing to make and AMV/ CMV/ MMV.

Step 1: Find a Video.

Choose the clip or clips you would like to use and import them into Windows Movie Maker. By clicking on the 'Add Videos or Photos' button at the top you can choose the files you wish to use from the saved location on your computer and import them.

Step 2: Snip the Clip.

Using the snip tool cut off any of the parts you don't want to include in the edited version. Repeat this for all clips. In order to grab clips from the same piece you need to have multiple versions of the original. If you want four pieces you'll need to upload the same video four times.

To snip a video you drag the sliders to the starting point and the other one to the end point. You can also select a start point and end point and that is useful for fine tuning.

Step 3: Transitioning and Effects.

Now that all of your videos are in place you can add fancy transitions if you would like. At the top there is a box that says 'Animations'. In there you can chose from the different options. Just select the clip you want it on, the program will do the rest. Hit play and see how it looks.

Effects work the same way you just go to the window at the top called 'Visual Effects'. Just select the clip and effect and you're done.

Step 4: Muting the Sound.

At the top you will find a yellow note that says 'Video Tools' sitting above 'Edit'. Click on edit and hit the volume button. Adjust it as needed. It will affect all sounds on the clip.

Note that this step has to be done to all clips or you'll end up with no sound on one and sound on the rest.

Step 5: Adding Music to Your Clip.

Now that your clip has been muted you can place music on top and have it be uninterrupted by background noise. To add music click the 'Add Music' button and select it from it's location on your computer to import it.

Under the green 'Music Tools' note there is an 'Options' tab that you can go in a play with your music. You can control how loud it is in an individual clip or have it fade in or out if you'd like.

Step 6: Putting in Titles.

This is useful for the introductory or the end credits of your clip.

In the home tab there are three individual buttons that allow different selections of text. There is a title that is stationary, rolling credits, and captions that sit on top of the video. All you do is insert it and type what you would like to include in your text box.

Step 7: Publish.

You can now publish your newly finished clip by clicking 'File' and selecting 'Publish Movie'. Choose which setting you would like to save it as and presto. It's now able to be uploaded or watched.

The video is the example I used. It was the result of my first time playing around in movie maker.

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    3 years ago

    A tutorial on how to edit MKV in Windows Movie Maker:


    Very nice information! I'm impressed by how much Windows Movie Maker has changed since last I used it. Your instructable was very detailed!