Editing a Landscape With Picnik

Introduction: Editing a Landscape With Picnik

I love using Picnik.com  to edit and create awesome pictures from portraits to landscape. So in this instructable I am gonna show you how to also make a picture. Today I will take a picture that I took at the Cox Bazaar Beach Himsori Hill, Bangladesh. Its of a small waterfall. Enjoy!

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Step 1: Picnik.com

http://picnik.com  is the website I used. It is a website where you can edit your pictures. :)

Step 2: Uploading!

So after uploading your picture you can see your options. :}

Step 3: Editing Tools.

So I used Auto fix ( helps for showing the colors),Rotated ( flips pictures), Crop (helps you cut out unneeded parts from the picture), 
Resize ( lol resizes duhhh), Exposure ( helps the color I think), Color (helps color), and Sharpness (helps sharpness duhhh). If you are editing a landscape there is no need for Red Eye fix.

Step 4: Creating

Next I used Effects,Touch ups, and a frame to make the picture look better. :]

Step 5: Everything I Used

Step 6: Done!

So i guess thats it. I didnt use much else. But ENJOY:)! Also I did another picture. Its of the Verrazano Bridge. I took a picture of it ill in the car :)

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    You don't have to go online for this! Use powerpoint! https://www.instructables.com/id/Photoshop-effect-Old-photograph-effect-in-PowerPo/