Educaaccion Imagen Y Audio

A functional model of an Educaacción video is presented in which the thematic contents of coding and audio and image formats are presented to the user, by means of physical objects that represent the characteristics of the processes and formats; After the explanation of each specific topic, for example: JPEG format, a multiple-choice question is asked to the user; After the explanation of a general topic, for example: compression, the user is presented with a case, which must be resolved according to the context; In addition, depending on the responses in the user interaction, a different end will be reached corresponding to a level of transformative participation. The evaluation of the types of learning will be carried out in the following way:

Functional: the user is presented with a problem question and given the context find a solution.

Methodological: asks for the user to determine the steps to follow.

Conceptual: Through the specific questions of specific topics with false / true response.

Step 1: Descargar Entornos De Desarrollo.

Se necesita descargar el IDE de Arduino y Processing para desarrollar la lógica del modelo funcional.



Step 2: Conectar Arduino UNO Y Lector RFID RC522

Es necesario realizar la conexión física de cada uno de los pines de la placa Arduino Uno y el lector RFID RC 522.

Step 3: Generar Script Para El Lector RFID

Step 4: Conectar IDE Con Placa De Arduino.

Step 5: Cargar Script En La Placa De Arduino.

Step 6: Generar Contenido Multimedia.

Step 7: Generar Modelo En El IDE De Processing.

Step 8: Ejecutar Modelo Funcional.

Step 9: Modelo Funcional Final.

Step 10: Descargar Contenido Multimedia.

Para cargar los archivos debemos ir al IDE de processing y en la pestaña de Sketch seleccionamos la opción de añadir archivo.

Se debe seleccionar un archivo a la vez.



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