Educational Board for Attiny 2313

I've made this board for learning uC programming. It's very simple and easy to solder. As programmer I'am using USB_ASP - project from site , but there could be used any other porgrammer for avr's with ISP connector. Project was realised in EAGLE. I'm attaching schematic and board files.

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Step 1: Making PCB

PCB was done by the termo-transfer methode ('cos it's best methode i've ever tried).

Here is list of all parts:

Capacitors: 1x 100nF; 2x 33pF
Resistors: 5x 260Ohm , 1x 4.7kOhm
IC: Attiny2313
Others: 5 led diodes, connectors as on images

Step 2: Ending Result

At the end, the photo of this board, just assembled and working.

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    6 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I have created the board and... the xtal doesn't work, apparently. Maybe it's too far from the xtal pins on the attiny?


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I want to propose the following design change:
    I added a jumper fot the resistor as it seems to be that (at least for me) programmers like the STK500 and the Dragon don't like the resistor for programming. So the jumper J4 should be unplugged when entering programming mode. Also, I made a minor change so don't need a bridge wire around the same area (the resistor of the single LED).