Edward Scisorhand's Costume

Introduction: Edward Scisorhand's Costume

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This is how to make a really cool (And Easy) Costume that you will get tons of compliments on.

Here is what you'll need:
Scissors (Obviously! Many sizes & shapes)
Black Marker
Foil (Lots!)
Brass Paper Fasteners
Black Stretchy Gloves
Black Turtleneck
Black suspenders
Black slacks/sweat pants
White Dress Shirt (Long Sleeved)
White face paint
Black lipstick/Paint
Black wig (Preferably something you can cut up)
Fabric Glue
Optional: Red/Black Eyeliner Pencil/Face Paint, Safety Pins, Face Putty

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Step 1: Make the Scissors

Step One: You'll take the cardboard, and if you prefer, cut it down into more manageable pieces.
Then You'll take the different sizes of Scissors and put them on the cardboard, and trace them. You'll want to do this with them open, and do one side at a time, not overlapping. Then you'll need to cut them out.

Step 2: Whttps://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FKP/YP26/F8M2SEIP/FKPYP26F8M2SEIP.TINY.jpgrapping the Scissors

Step Two: You'll wrap the lower part of the scissors in foil (The "Blade") And then color the top half in with the black marker ("The Handle") Then you'll put them together, and fasten them together with the brass fasteners. If you've done it right, it's gonna look just like a pair of scissors! (Way to go You!) Leave a few of the scissors "apart" (Do not connect with the fasteners)

Step 3: Repeat, Repeat and Add to Your Hands..

Step Three: You'll repeat step 2 until you have at least 4 pairs for each hand (You can do more if you like, it's up to you) and one "Single" Blade for each hand. Take the scissor "parts" And put the gloves on. Put the scissors on each finger (If you are NOT going to glue them) If you are going to glue them, Put them on the front of the gloves and glue them there.

Step 4: Get Dressed

Step Four: Paint your face white, Put on a wig (Cut up and wild) Put on your clothes, tucking your shirt into your pants, then put on your suspenders.

If you like, you can add red marks on your face for scars, or if you are really good with face putty, you can make more realistic scars. You can also cut little "slices" into your dress shirt and put safety pins in your suspenders to make it look like you cut them apart...after all, You ARE Edward Scissorhands!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    I think this is a terrific instructable. Very clear. Most creative. Many thanks!