Edward Scissorhands - No Need for Special Effects Make Up!

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Well I've been playing around with Halloween costume ideas and Edward Scissorhands was probably one of the easiest to replicate PLUS there was no need for those "special effects" latex make up for his scars and everything I've used in my step-by-step is everything you can get at your nearest drug store. I am in no means a professional make up artist, just a young mom with TONS of unused make up that I have collected through the years and have lots of time to kill. I mean like LOTS of time.


Nontoxic kids glue stick
Lightest liquid foundation (any brand is fine but I personally prefer Loreal True Match)
Lightest power foundation (any brand is fine but I personally prefer Loreal True Match)
Lightest concealer
Matte brown, purple, black and white eyeshadow (if you don't have the matte color it's fine too but it will leave you a bit "shimmery")
Chapstick (not needed but it will help the purple stick to your lips)
A couple of make up brushes!!!

Are you ready? Have all the stuff on this list? Yeah? ALL RIGHT YOU'RE READY TO BECOME EDWARD SCISSORHANDS!

**** Just leaving this here but it would be awesome if you could take a few seconds and use that clicky mouse thingy and VOTE for this Instructable! Ton's of thanks to you all who did!

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Step 1: First Step to All Make Up - Wash Your Face

Make sure you have a clean face. You should not have any make up left on your face from the previous day.

You will need to pull out that handy dandy nontoxic glue for kids out right about now.

Glue down all your eyebrows and make sure it's nice and smooth.

You want to make sure that there are no stray eyebrows in this step!

Step 2: Liquid Foundation to Lighten and Whiten Skin

*******MAKE SURE YOUR GLUE IS DRY*********

Did you read the line above? Yeah? MAKE SURE THE GLUE ON YOUR EYEBROWS IS COMPLETELY DRY. To make sure it's dry take a clean finger and pat your eyebrows, it should not be tacky.

Take your liquid foundation and spread it across your face, ears and down your neck if needed.

I used my hands to spread this all but if you have a "special" brush for liquid foundation, go ahead and cover all your skin!

Once you've covered everything get your powder foundation and press on the powder to your freshly painted face.
(This step is so that your face won't melt off and that your make up lasts)

Don't forget to powder your neck! That's important too!

Step 3: Concealing Your Eyebrows, Dark Circles and Highlighting Important Facial Features

Take your lightest concealer and start dabbing it onto your eyebrows. Don't worry if it's too "light" you can always go back and blend it in with powder foundation.

Once you get your eyebrows concealed, go ahead and start highlighting your nose, center of your forehead, dark circles under your eyes, and your chin.

You want to take your powder foundation and press on powder on top pf your concealer and "blend" any spots that are uneven.

Step 4: Contouring Your Face Like Edward Scissorhands

Take your purple (preferably matted) eye shadow or plum colored blush, mix with a bit of brown.

Go ahead and draw a line from the edge of your lips towards your ear then blend the purple/brown line to contour your cheeks.

Contour the sides of your face with the matte purple/brown mix from your temples to the sides of your forehead.

You want to make sure you get that gaunt look Edward Scissorhands has.

***If you want to add an extra Oomph to your look go ahead and contour your jawline and your neck.

Step 5: Need an Ice Breaker to a Conversation? THAT'S WHAT SCARS ARE!

I have a bunch of scars on my arms and those are what I like to call ice breakers, not blemishes. It shows that I am not a perfect doll and have issues with falling. Gravity hates me.

Anyways, take that handy dandy glue stick and get a tooth pick or q-tip to dab so you can recreate awesome scars.

If you want Google up Edward Scissorhands pictures to get an idea of where to place your scars or if you're like me and play it by ear, that's cool too.

Make sure you don't scratch yourself if you are using a toothpick to add the glue.

If you get some clumps don't worry about them, it'll make your scars look like you gotten hurt really bad in the past and didn't heal up completely well.

Use your finger to dab the glue to flatten and make sure they are completely dry


Step 6: Give Your Scars a More Humanly Color, Conceal Them.

Using your concealer and a clean brush, dab concealer onto your "scars" so they aren't pasty white.

Use your finger to blend the concealer onto your scars and then use your foundation powder to set them in.

Touch up your contouring on your cheeks in case it looks a bit too light.

I realized that my chin did not look like Edward Scissorhands so I went ahead and contoured my chin and blended the rest of the shadowing of my neck.

Step 7: Sad Eyes

I forgot to take a photo of the white shadow but use a white shadow on the inner corners of your eyes and your lids. Highlight your nose and right above your lip.

Get your matte brown eye shadow and mark where your eyebrows would have started and then mark the outside corners of your eyes.

Connect those 2 marks and also blend your shadow 2/3 of the way on your bottom lash line. This is the base of the "sad" look Edward Scissorhands has.

Blend those lines towards your eyes so the don't leave that harsh look. You want to have a soft sad eye look, not Taylor Momsen look.

Step 8: Contouring the Nose to Look

I obviously have an Asian face with an Asian nose while Edward Scissorhands does not. Which leaves me to have to contour my nose to look pointier and less width.

Take your brownish purplish eye shadow and draw lines down both sides of where you highlighted earlier.

Begin to contour beneath your nose to create that "pointed" look.

Blend all harsh lines and practice your sad face look!

Step 9: LIPS! Your Sexy Lips!

Use a chapstick for your lips! It will help keep the purple shadow on the lips.

Get your purple shadow out again and use a clean finger to dab the purple onto your lips to recreate the Edward Scissorhands lips.

Practice your sad face look.


Think about dying unicorns, puppies not having homes, Grave of the Fireflies, the last scene of Gladiator where Maximus is walking through the fields toward his wife and son... AGHHHH REMEMBER NOT TO CRY REAL TEARS! It'll ruin your make up...

Step 10: Tease Your Hair to Perfect Your Look!

Sorry instructablinions... I forgot to take pictures of myself teasing my hair but pretty much what you do is grab your hair and take a comb and comb backwards(comb from the ends of your hair towards the roots).

Take a can of hairspray and hair spray the shenanigans out of your hair after you back comb it.

It's good to repeat the teasing process so you get that messy look.

Wear something black at the end and make sure not to rub your face onto your black clothing, it will smudge your face off and leave a pasty white mark on your black clothing.

Make sure to take awesome pictures of your creation.

It's a fairly easy look and I hope it helped you achieve the look that you wanted!

****by the way I did a Lord Voldemort look but not sure if people wanted to see how it was done... NO SPECIAL EFFECT MAKE UP NEEDED, just glue and tape haha

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    Sorry for such a late response!!!! It took me maybe 30, 45 minutes. Glue sticks dry pretty quickly and if you use a hair dryer it'll dry faster.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I love the makeup job. I'm going to be Miss Scissorhands this halloween and found this very helpful. I have a question: Is it safe to put glue on your eyebrows and face? Especially worried about the eyebrow part. Please let me know. Thanks.

    2 replies

    As long as it's a non-toxic kid safe stick glue then you are good to go! Kids glues are safe for children to "accidentally" eat so it should be safe for your skin. Just make sure you don't get any in your eyes because that would definitely hurt.

    To remove the glue I highly recommend using a washcloth and some warm/hot water and pressing it against your eyebrow to slowly remove it so it doesn't rip out eyebrows!


    7 years ago on Step 10

    You have a very beautiful smile :-)

    and i really like the way it changed to this sad disguise

    keep smiling :-D
    Good Work.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wow! Amazing! Would love to see how you do Lord Voldemort.

    You got my vote.

    Is it just me or do I find this Milton Jones guy a bit weirdly attractive? Look at that gorgeous Edward Cullen like hair hahaha

    If only he shimmered and glittered...

    Milton Jones *is* weirdly cute! He's also quite funny - we took our teen twins to see him and they roared with laughter.

    Loving the instructable - fabulous job. I don't have any normal make-up at all, but I might dig out my face paints and try and recreate it that way, Cheers!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    The normal doors - mostly okay. Kitchen cupboards and the girls' bedroom door often need tightening.


    7 years ago on Step 10

    OMG this is AMAZING !!! You did a fabulous job!!!! I really hope I can copy this.. but I bet I can because of your super awesome instructions!! Yay!!


    7 years ago on Step 10

    Wow! Awesome job! I would never guess this was the same person when I compare before and after!

    Would love to see this in real time on you tube...


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Amazing job on that makeup! You have a great eye for recreating looks. I'm impressed :D


    7 years ago on Introduction


    i decided to go to a Halloweenparty as Edward - that was last week,
    Now you published this JUST IN TIME :) ! AWESOME!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Fantastic job! thanks so much for sharing. Please do share the Lord Voldemort tutorial.

    AMAZINGLY AMAZING!SOSOSOSO smart and simple wow!plz show us lord voldermotes one!i cant believe u did this on your own u loo totally somone else!