Eeire Glowing Body Part...




I decided to put together the last two instructables:
And came up with this cool idea that you may have seen in horror movies before.

The body part in glowing liquid....
First off you'll have to first do the other two instructables in order to make this interesting effect.

As a side note: The part placed in the water will slowly absorb the water and bloat. I've found that it usually takes 1.5-2 weeks for the part to bloat (depending on the size).

Step 1: Put It All Together...

1. The two instructables linked in the intro finished.
2. A tall jar with lid
3. Elastic band
4. Blacklight

1. Pour the glowing liquid into the tall jar.
2. Suspend the thumb in the liquid using the thread (the thread should look like a "V").
3. Place the elastic band around the neck of the jar and over the thread to hold it in place.
4. Holding the ends of the thread, put the cover on the jar.

That's all you need to do. Now you have a "gross" body part suspended in glowing fluid (under blacklight)...



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    That's pretty cool! I may end up using it. I want to go all out for halloween this year! Hmm..... would it be possible to mix up some clear flavorless gelatin into the the water and then sink the thumb into it? I wonder how long that would work for....

    Very interesting and unique Frenchcrawler, you do some real way cool things here- especially relating to Halloween and Events. I'd like to invite you to share your stuff that relates to the Special Event, Movie Making or Halloween industries. I'm with a cool group that is creating a Blog for anything relating to Halloween, Special Events, Entertainment Shows, Concerts, Parties, Special Effects for all or any of these. We have a lot of cool people who may try your stuff for their projects. It must be things that relate to any of these industries or projects relating to them- you have a lot of stuff like that. Please send me an email with any ideas or to get more info. You have some cool projects relating to these industries and it would be cool to share them with people from these industries. Send me a note when you can and we can talk about it --; Really liked how realistic the finger looks!!!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    That's really clever! I have a party/hangout room with a mad scientist theme and I already have the mason jars with the highliter liquid now I just need people pieces parts.

    1 reply

    Watch out though, after about 2 weeks, the part will absorb the water and bloat. Maybe covering the part with something to waterproof it would work (clear finish paint or maybe some hot glue)?


    12 years ago

    You could also suspend the part in clear, gelitan. The kind that comes in packets that is brandless, colorless, and tasteless. Just add ink and water!


    12 years ago

    BTW, if you leave the part in the jar/water for too long (average is about 5 days), it will start to absorb the water and bloat...


    12 years ago

    I's pretty obvious already, but felt like posting it just to show the effect :)