Effective Marketing for Your Product or Service

Introduction: Effective Marketing for Your Product or Service

Selling a product or service is not a simple task for most people. With these simple instructions and some practice, most people should be able to improve their skills enough to be more effective at sales and marketing. You don't have to hire a marketing team and pay them a lot of money just to make more money yourself. These steps are simple and cost efficient. I learned theses steps by working retail for an extremely successful, family run hardware store. Also, I have taken on many entrepreneurial endeavors ranging from my lawn care business all the way to fixing and customizing iphones. 

Step 1: What You Will Need

-A product
-Profound Knowledge of Product
-Card reader, photo check deposit app, Change
-A logo for stickers, shirts, or business cards

-Prices in Mind
-Open Mind

Step 2: Wear Your Product!

Say you provide a service which is to customize sneakers, Why not wear a pair of customized Jordan's? This way you can accomplish multiple tasks at once. You show the potential customer that your product it so solid and that you even use it. Also, in this case you will look stylish and fashion forward. Also this will give the customer a good idea of what to expect. I do this all the time with my products, and it has shown to be a very productive method of marketing.

Step 3: Conveniencey Is Key

Make sure that you take on the burden when it comes to the actual financial transaction. We live in a time of technology, so why not use it. Gone are the days of needing a cash register or a stationary card reader. There are many apps and devices made for the convenience of the buyer and seller. Square makes a card reading product that plugs into your iphone and automatically deposits the charged amount into your companies bank account. Another app allows you to take a picture of a check and start the process of cashing it or depositing it into your companies bank account. 

Step 4: Know Your Product

You Have to Know your Product? You should be able to tell anyone anything about your product(s) and services. Its that simple, take the time to do all the research and that alone will show the customer that you know what you are talking about. This makes them more comfortable with you and your product. If you simply cannot help the customer, or know of a product that will help them better than yours, feel free to suggest they check that out. This may seem like giving away business, but they will appreciate and respect you more, and probably recommend you and your product to people they come across in the future. 

Step 5: Allow Customers to Bargain

Bargaining is a sure fire way to make customers feel like they are getting the best deal. The way to get around loosing money while doing this, is to know what your base price (lowest price without losing money)  is, and raise it enough so that you don't come off as over priced. Allow the customer to work you down to your ideal prices (or wherever they decide to stop bargaining). This works very, and if done correctly, your demand will go up so your actual price may be abel to drop. 

Step 6: The Right Kind of Small Talk

Small talk can be awkward if you allow too much empty space into the conversation. It is your job to grab their attention with stories, facts, ideas, or compliments. If you become good at this, it will naturally turn into Smooth Talking.  You must be comfortable with yourself, the product, and the possibility of failure to get better at it. Smooth talk is in effect flirting without the sexual aspect. It works best with the opposite sex. Small talk works better with the same sex. You should always suggest a scenario when the potential customer would be in dire need of your product or service.

Step 7: Passion Is Bussiness

Passion is Business! Being  driven and excited about your product will naturally make you more passionate about selling it. If the customer sees that you truly do care about the product and not just the money, that person is more inclined to buy or support you. Also if you are passionate and do care about your product that deeply, you are also going to want sell the product simply because it is improving or accenting someones life. The money will come. Don't come off as over passionate or like your passion is fake. This is almost always an immediate turn off to the customer.

Step 8: Free Marketing

The quickest way to get people to market your product, idea, or service for next to free is to give them a free sticker, magnet, t-shirt, or any trinket that they will wear and show. This will one, show the customer that you appreciate their business. They will naturally talk about you to other potential customers. Two, people will see this item and ask the customer questions about your product or service. Many successful companies, big and small do this. It will pay for itself. Also make sure you use online social media to help spread your product and companies names. Having an online presence in this day and age is imperative if not mandatory.

Step 9: Know the Play & Read the Buyer

Like in the popular sports game Madden, you must know your play and be able to read the opponents play in order to consistently win. This goes for marketing and sales. You must have your own play or agenda prepared for each customer. This will help make everything run smoothly. The customers agenda is to buy, weather it is your product or not. So you have to quickly figure out what a certain person is looking for, and make sure your product is exactly that. Also if someone is simply not interested, you cannot force them to buy it. You would be wasting your time and their time.

Step 10: Business Cards

They may seem old fashion, but people usually feel inclined to keep a business card since you paid to have them made. There are also virtual business cards that can be used with all smart devices. Don't overload your card with information, because then it becomes cluttered and hard to focus on. A nice design or emblem or your face will catch their attention. Also link your online social media sites to the card so people can easily find you.

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    4 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! I love the Passion is Business thing!
    Question: Don't people get scared of mobile apps with card readers?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    In my experience, if people are seriously interested in the product, they will either come prepared with cash, or be willing to use the card reader. The patron/cardholder has to sign or punch in a pin before the transaction is officially closed out (Amount, or info about transactions cannot be changed). My barber uses this technology and I appreciate it.

    Creative Hacker
    Creative Hacker

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah when i saw that I was thinking the same thing. I would refuse to let them do something like that , it would make me think they are trying to clone my card.

    but still an interesting idea.


    6 years ago

    Good instructable but please don't call me with a product