Effective Paper Dart

This is an easy and effective Paper Dart. That can be massed produced. With only 9 easy folds.
For better results use standard line paper or thin and stiff paper. You can really make this dart with any size of paper but the standard size works well.

I am NOT responsible for:

Eye(s) wound(s) either from reading the instructable or from the Paper Dart
Paper cuts--OUCH!
Blisters from mass producing
Wound(s) from Paper Dart

The video is kinda short. my camera only can "shoot" 30 seconds.

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Step 1: Folding Time!

Fold the Paper from top right corner down.
As in the picture.

Sharp folds make:

Sharper point
Better arodynamics
Glides longer

Step 2: Folding!

I will make it faster for you and me by showing more easy steps on one step.
Fold on the dotted line.
What else can i say?

Step 3: Folding

Fold on the dotted line.

yet again fold on the dotted line.

Just follow the pictures

Step 4: FOLD Again.....

fold on the dotted line.

look at the picture

Step 5: .........

Fold again.

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