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Do you sometimes have a hard time hearing your phone playing music? Do you want to have a real party? Make these easy DYI speakers and you'll never have a problem enjoying your music again!

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Step 1: Materials

Gather up all these materials:

~paper towel tube

~2 plastic cups


~your phone (obviously)

Step 2: Plastic Cups

Cut out diamond shapes in one side of each. Make the hole about the size of the end of the paper towel tube.

Step 3: Paper Towel Tube

Cut out a hole for your phone to sit in. This hole should be the size of the bottom of your phone.

Step 4: Putting It Together (part 1)

Place one cup on each end of the paper towel tube. This will allow the sound to become more louder.

Step 5: Putting It Together (part 2)

Place you phone in the hole in the tube. It should immediately stay in its position.

Step 6: Rock Out

Play your favorite tunes, rock out, and just have fun with your new, cheap speaker!

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