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"Say no to plastic!"

People are concerned with the impact of plastic on the environment. Plastic can be used for making some things (for example, bags!). These bags are very strong. They are washable and take no time to dry.

I hope you enjoy my first Instructable ^^

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Step 1: Mood Broad

It's helpful to draw the bag and make sketches first to visualize.

Step 2: Make the Pattern

Bag: Height 47 sm; Width 51 sm

Pocket: Height 27 sm; Width 28 sm

Handle: Height 42 sm; Width 4,5 sm

Step 3: Cutting the Banner

Cut the banner according to the pattern.

Step 4: Sew the Pocket On

Place your pocket on the front panel of the bag, make sure it is centered and parallel with the edge on the panel. To make it look better I attached it using staples. Then simply sewed along the edges.

Step 5: Sew the Sides

Pin the outside fabric right sides together and sew up the both sides.

Step 6: Stick Handles to Body

Put the handles and stick with ties.

Step 7: Done!

Thanks for watching! : )

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    6 weeks ago

    Nice reuse and what a great cat carrying bag haha! :D