Egg Art

I enjoy this's fun and challenging with results that are stunning !! It's not just for Easter !!

Fairy Egg
Ostrich egg
Carving eggs
View Egg
Egg Art
Egg Art by Carole
My ThreePersonal Favorites of all of the Hundreds of egg …
Some of my Other Egg, utilizing all those years of Physics!
Kerman Stars Ostrich Pysanky Batik Easter Egg
CNC Eggbot
Swan Double Egg - Faberge' WannaBe
More Faberge Interpretations
My work on the shell (ostrich shell 2)
Mr. Christmas Train in egg
My work on the shell (shell goose)
Autumn Garden Egg
Rose Garden Egg
How to decorate the inside of a natural egg
Birdy Faberge Egg
Blue Bird of Happiness
Imperial Red
Topaz Treasure
Beaded Goose Egg Surprise
Beaded Goose Egg
Beaded/Jeweled Amber Goose Egg
" Train Egg "
n the Style of Faberge by Joan Cutts MBE
Creative diorama lighting with the Arduino and TLC5940
Electrifying your roombox
Ostrich egg shells
Egg Tempera Painting