Egg Carrier



Introduction: Egg Carrier

When making an Egg Carrier, less is more. The fewer supplies you use when constructing it, often the better the results will be. It's also a process of trial and error, and iteration is needed in order to get an ideal result. The Egg Carrier you see here survived drops from both 1 foot and 8 feet. 

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Step 1: Gathering the Materials

Here are the materials you will need to build your Egg Carrier:

- Five Pipe Cleaners
- Two tongue depressors/wide popsicle sticks
- One 8" x 4" piece of poster board, cut into two 2" x 4" sections
- 8 rubber bands
- 1 sheet of flat foam
- Exacto knife to make cuts into materials

Step 2: Building the Base

To begin, cut the poster board into two even 2" x 4" sections using the exacto knife (careful not to cut yourself!). Then, cut two even slits on each piece of the poster board, and then thread the popsicle sticks through them. This will form your base.

Step 3: Construct the Rubber Band "Daisy Chains"

Using two separate rubber bands, feed one rubber band through the other, and pass the loop of the first band through itself. By pulling on either end, you will make a knot. Repeat the process again, using a third rubber band and one loop of the other two you just joined together. The end result should have two knots evenly spaced apart, with a gap in the middle, which will hold the flat foam wrapping assembled in the next step. Repeat this whole process a second time to make two "Daisy Chains"

Step 4: Wrapping the Egg

Next, cut a 10" x 4" section of flat foam, and wrap your egg inside of it (being careful not to wrap it too tightly). Then, take your two daisy chains that you made and stretch them over the flat foam wrap. Finally, take the last two rubber bands and stretch them vertically over the whole piece, which will help keep the egg in place. 

Step 5: Connect the Wrap to the Base

Place the foam wrap with the egg inside on top of the base. Take each of the four ends of the daisy chains, and wrap them around the ends of the popsicle sticks, doubling back over them if necessary to ensure a snug fit. 

Step 6: Wrap the Pipe Cleaners

Take two pipe cleaners, and wrap them in a circular shape around the two popsicle sticks on each side. After that, take the remaining three pipe cleaners and wrap them around the entire width of the Egg Carrier, forming a roll cage. 

Step 7: Finished Egg Carrier

Once you've finished wrapping the pipe cleaners, you're all done, and it's ready for testing and dropping! For best results drop the egg carrier while holding it level. If it does shift while falling, the popsicle sticks will help balance it on impact, while the poster board absorbs most of the force of the drop. Also make sure there is at least some clearance between the wrap and the base, sliding the two pieces of poster board to adjust the spacing. 

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