Egg Carton Bats

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This project is great for kids. Simple, easy and cheap. Gather your equipment:

Flat egg carton
White and black paint (I used Apple Barrel acrylic paint)
1 larger paint brush
1 small paint brush
Glue (I used Mod Podge)
String of choice(I used raffia)
Google eyes

Step 1: Cut and Paint

I'm going to be honest, cutting these cartons isn't so easy. You might choose to use something other than scissors. But if you're working with children I would suggest you do the cutting. Cut the egg carton into 3 cups and paint those black. Set aside and let the dry. It will take more than one coat since the carton is paper.

Step 2: Final Touch

When the bats dry, poke a whole in the top. You could use a sewing needle or safety pin. Push your string of choice through the whole and make a knot. Then glue your eyes to the bat and paint some fangs with the white paint. Now your done and ready to decorate.



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    Dawww they're so cute! I love more uses for egg cartons, they're just so full of potential! Thanks for sharing!