Egg Carton Jack O' Lantern

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Another fun and easy decoration for the kids to make!

Step 1: Materials and Method

Egg carton

Black, green and orange paints (the non toxic ones from Dollarstore)

Paint brush

Craft knife or regular knife

Double side sticky tape

Cut the egg carton cavities into singles and paint them orange, let dry

Take two singles and stack them bottom end to bottom end, transforming them into a pumpkin. Attach each two with double side sticky tape from the inside. Make a slice on the top for where the stems will be pushed in

Cut the egg carton lid into strips and paint them green, these are for the stems, once dry, push them in on the top of the pumpkin

Start painting for eyes and scary grins and your scary pumpkins are ready :)

We place them throughout the house, from dessert table, window, stairs, etc



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