Egg Carton Spiders

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Yes Dollarstores are every where, you can buy things from China for fairly cheap, but making them with your lil ones is more fun to do!

Step 1: Materials and Method

Egg carton

Black and white paints

Paint brush

Craft knife or regular knife

Double side sticky tape

Cut the egg carton cavities into singles

Cut the egg carton lid into long strips for legs

Make several cuts/holes on the singles where the legs will go in

Paint all with black paint, then paint face and grins with white paint, let dry

Push in each legs into holes (about 6 legs per single cavity), and somewhat bend these legs shaping them to spiders legs

You can place them on tables, stairs, floor, etc. If you'd like the crawling on the wall, attach them with double side sticky tape

All done :)



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