Egg Carton and Scratch Off Ticket Lamp

Introduction: Egg Carton and Scratch Off Ticket Lamp

Do you eat a lot of eggs? Do you do a lot lottery scratch offs? Are you just simply overwhelmed by the amount of garbage your eggs and tickets are producing?

Well, then look no further than this tutorial on how to make a spiffy lamp out of egg carton and lottery ticket embellishments.

However, please note that this is not meant to be a particularly practical lamp, but eating a ton of eggs and gambling isn't particularly practical so it all comes full circle.

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Step 1: Materials

  • cardboard egg cartons: 2 standard dozen egg cartons should suffice
  • lottery tickets: however many you want depending on your preference
  • lightbulb socket: one with it's own extension cord or a separate extension cord attached works fine
  • white glue: for attaching the pieces together and doing minor touch ups
  • bowls: 1 large bowl and 4 smaller bowls, plastic to cover if needed
  • blender
  • water

Step 2: Making the Pulp

Start by ripping the egg carton into small pieces. Then put the pieces in a blender along with a cup of warm water. Blend until a paste. If you don't want to use the blender, it is also possible to just rip the pieces even smaller and mix it with the water by hand.

Step 3: Creating the Shades

Line the bowls with plastic wrap or cut up plastic bags. Place a few ripped pieces of lottery ticket on the bottom of the bowl then cover with the pulp, squeezing it gently to relieve some of the water before laying it down. As you move up the bowl, add more ticket pieces. After the pulp is covering the whole bowl, you can use a rag or paper towels to absorb excess water. It should be fully dry within five days at the most.

Step 4: Lighting It Up

This is easier if you have an extension cord specifically for light bulbs, but an ordinary extension cord works just fine. Just layer the smaller bowls on top of the cord, gluing the edges to where they connect. Finally, place the large bowl on top of the light bulb and switch it on! Please take caution in the heat of the bulb and don't leave this light source unattended.

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