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I have been having these mini easter eggs for awhile now and I now I have found a use for them. So I made a egg crown cause what else are you supposed to do with mini eggs (fill them with candy, glitter, more candy)...

*mini easter eggs
*hot glue gun
*easter grass
*wire (I used 17 gauge)

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Step 1: The Base of All Crowns

First I shaped the wire unto a U shape large enough to fix half way around my head, like a crown would. Then I made two loops at the end of the wire. I glued a piece of felt to each of the end of the loop to prevent it from tangling in my hair.

Step 2: It's Egg Gluing Time!

I cut a strip of felt into smaller squares to glue to the base of the egg. Starting at the middle, I hot glued the center egg and glued the felt square to secure it to the wire. I then glued three more eggs on each side of the center egg.

Step 3: Easter Grass

I mixed up pink and purple Easter grass to glue to the base of the crown. I glued the grass in between the eggs and on the felt until it was full. I had to trim the grass so it would not be in my face.

Step 4: Egg Crown 2.0

I made another crown but this time I glued the eggs in a pyramid and glued Easter grass in between all the eggs and on top.

Step 5: Queen Egg Crown

The mother of all egg crowns!! This crown is so big (and unstable) I had to add two strings in the bav k to keep it from falling. It's by far my favorite one I made.

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    5 years ago

    Wow! Pity we've already started our hat for Easter hat parade... :( But cool anyway!!!!!!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! The first one was made originally for myself, but I might give it to my sister.