Egg Decoration: Wax Resist With Vinegar Etching and Bleaching




These are made in a similar fashion to my other Instrucable, "wax resist eggs in soft brown shades", but on white eggs dyed black, then designs drawn on, egg etched and bleached, then coloured in with dye and a brush.  The one broke though, whoops!



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    phemyPenolopy Bulnick

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah! So after you dye the egg black you write the designs. Then you put the egg in vinegar and it eats away at the shell so white egg is showing again (except for the black lines where the wax protected the black dye). Because the wax lines form little sections, it is easy to use a small sable brush to "paint" the dye instead of dipping it successive times, having to cover large areas with wax in the batik style. I think I will post a step by step of this soon!