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Introduction: Egg Filled Bread Roll

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Bread is one of the most consumed food product all over the world. There are millions of ways a bread can play a role in a recipe. One such recipes is the bread roll.

A bread roll is a shallow fried snack where the bread is filled with different flavored stuffing. In the egg filled bread roll, the bread roll is filled with egg burji. Egg burji is a type of flavored scrambled egg.

So let's put on your cooking hats and start cooking !!

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Step 1: Ingredients

For this awesome snack, you'll need to have the following ingredients:

  • Eggs (2)
  • Tomato (1)
  • Red Onion (1)
  • Green Chili (3)
  • Bread Slices
  • Salt
  • Red Chili Powder
  • Oil (For Toasting)

Step 2: Prepping the Veggies

As the great Chef Gordon Ramsay says, keep everything ready before you turn on the stove. So in this case, clean and chop all the veggies.

Finely chop all the onions. Cut the tomatoes into fairly small sizes and keep it aside.

Now, slice the chilies horizontally into small pieces.

Keep all the vegetables ready and it's time to turn on the stove.

Step 3: The Egg Burji

For the egg burji, heat some oil in a pan. Once the oil is heated, add in the chopped onions. Saute it till the onions turn golden brown in color. Next add the tomatoes and saute it till it is cooked.

Now add in 1 Tbsp of salt and 1 Tbsp of Chili Powder. Mix it well and it's time to break in some eggs.

Break two eggs into the mixture and scrub it till the eggs are scrambled and mixed properly with the veggies. If the egg sticks to the pan too much, add another Teaspoons of oil.

Once the contents in the pan is properly mixed, the burji is done.

Step 4: Roll the Bread

For rolling the bread, cut out the crust from the bread and flatten it a little using a rolling pin.

Also prepare a small amount of corn flour slurry (Corn flour and water) for attaching the ends of the bread.

Now add 1 scoop of egg burji and roll the bread over it. To make the ends of the bread stick to each other, use the corn flour slurry. Coat the ends of the bread with it and gently press them together.

Now it's time to roast the bread.

Step 5: Toasting

On a shallow pan, add about 2 Tablespoons of oil and heat it up. Once the oil is heated, drop in the rolled bread into the pan.

After one side is roasted to golden brown in color, flip it over and do the same for the other side.

Once both the sides of the bread are properly roasted, the recipe is done.

You can add extra oil if you want more crisp on the bread.

Step 6: Serving

Transfer the toasted bread on to a serving plate. You can top it with some fresh coriander leaves. You can also serve it with a few slices of lemon.

If you have some extra egg burji left, serve it along with the roll. This would be one of the most perfect snack a person can have.

Bon Apetit !!

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