Egg in the Hole




How to make 'Egg In The Hole' or fried egg in bread.

You need

1. Bread.
2. Eggs,
3. Cookie-cutter (any shape!) or just a knife suitable to cut hole in bread.
4. Oil for frying (Olive oil).

Step 1: Make Hole in Bread.

Take your cookie-cutter and cut a hole in the centre of a slice of bread. Kids can help with this part. Unusually-shaped cutters might be more fun.

Step 2: Fry Bread

Preheat pan. Place bread in a medium-hot pan, frying side one for a minute or so.

Step 3: Flip Bread.

Flip the bread over when brown. Turn the heat down a bit..

Step 4: Break Eggs.

Quickly, as soon as you flip the bread, break an egg into the hole. Make sure the bread and egg cook at the same time, not too hot, not too cold.

Step 5: the Hole. Fry...

Don't forget and burn the 'door'. Make sure your 'hole' is big enough for your egg. You can watch your egg cook. Don't worry if you break the yolk as the hole keeps it all together.

Step 6: ...and Serve.

Place the door over the hole as kids love peeking inside. (Meat is optional).

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32 Discussions


3 years ago

I call them moon struck eggs...


6 years ago on Step 6

my dad calls them hobo eggs. they have lots of names 4 them


6 years ago on Introduction

great recipe, executed to perfection this weekend, my boyfriend was very happy with it and left nothing on the's the pic. The heart shape idea came from another toad-in-a-hole instructable.

weekend eggs.jpg

6 years ago on Introduction

I always called um a hole-in-the-wall. Think i heard it from my grandmother.


7 years ago on Introduction

My family has always called this "Eggs in a Basket"
I've never been an 'egg' person, but I do like this... thanks! :)

We call these eggs-bullseye. Pro-tip: Use cinnamon raisin bread. Even more delicious.


7 years ago on Introduction

We call these 'Toad in the Hole' at our house, YUM, now I'm hungry!

I've made this for Boy Scout trips. I make them the day before and refrigerate them and eat 'em on the road. Two is usually enough as a serving and great when paired with an easy portable veggie like baby carrots.


7 years ago on Introduction

LOL in my family we always called this a birds eye. we slather butter on both sides and let both sides brown a little bit before putting the egg in the center. If you want something really awesome, make two of these let the yolks harden put some cheese on both of the eggy sides and slap em together for a birds eye grilled cheese.

1 reply

8 years ago on Introduction

after a lifetime of making these, i found a way to make them, that gets past a few problems i noticed. i put the egg in the pan... sunny side up, toss a bread on, flip it, and put it back, the egg makes the bread nice and brown, and the white is much more even, and less likely to have a yolk break, if i'm in the mood for something runny.

I prefer the name "Eggy in a basket" like in V for Vendetta =]<br/><br/>I tried making it once, but screwed something up. I forget what though.<br/>

4 replies

My dad uses small buns, then takes out the middle parts until they are like small bread bowls. Then he cracks an egg into the centers and puts the whole kit and caboodle into a nice warm oven until the eggs are cooked. When they are finished, he takes them out and puts a slice of cheese on each one while it is still hot! Yummers!


8 years ago on Step 6

My Dad used to make these for us when we let Mom sleep in. He called them
Toad in the Holes. Yum