Egg Launcher Prank

This prank is for getting or getting back at a friend or family member. All they have to do is open their egg carton and Wam! Food to the Face. You will a mouse trap, a rubber band, a piece a string, (thinest is the best) a carton of eggs, and a piece of food.

Step 1:

Wrap a rubber band around a mouse traps slammer thing.

Step 2:

Put a piece of string through the mouse trap cheese and tie it.

Step 3:

Cut in the middle of egg carton so you can fit the mouse trap in.

Step 4:

Place the mouse trap in the carton and set the mouse trap. Then take the rubber band off and place a piece of food on the slammer thing. Then put the end of the string through the top of the carton and tie it.

Step 5:

And your done. So when a person goes to get some eggs opening the carton with set the mouse trap off a fire a piece of food in their face. Make sure you have a thin piece of rope thicker ones dont work.



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