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Make a cool night light.. out of an egg!

*I'd love a vote in the egg contest, I only started doing instructables this week and it would mean alot!*

Step 1: Getting Ready!

A g4 led capsule (small enough to fit in egg).
A power adapter that can connect to the 2 points of a g4 capsule. I used this one:
Some eggs (It may take a few attempts)
and finally around 30 minutes time (excluding dry time)

Step 2: Make Your Light!

Get your lightbulb and bend in and attach the 2 rod thingys (I'm no technical man) so they fit for your power supply.

Step 3: Make Them Stay!

For my bulb so the rods could stay in I had to bend the rods slightly upwards as in the photo. Using sellotape could help if your having difficulties.

Step 4: And Power!

Turn your power adapter to the right voltage for your bulb, then switch it on. No result? check your bulb is fixed in well!

Step 5: Egg Time!

What you need:

A small spoon

Some eggs (thouroughly washed)

a bowl

First tap the bottom side of the egg lots of times with your upside-down spoon over the bowl, stop when you have a 1-2ish cm hole (must be big enough for bulb).

Then Tap the top side of the egg too, this time the hole can be alot smaller.

Step 6: Egg Blowing!

Put your mouth to the top side of the egg then blow lightly, this worked firs time with me and you can still use your egg yolk and white for cooking if you've done this well.

Then wash the egg and leave it to dry.

Step 7: Decorate

Paint or draw on your egg shells, I used watercolours following another instructable Here by the amazing unicornscience. Just covering it in colour works really well so don't worry if you mess up a bit!

I did 3 different eggs and they all worked super well.

Step 8: Cut Up Your Base

I used part of an egg box and had my egg slightly tilted to one side so the cable and bulb could fit through.

Be as imaginative as possible for this bit and comment your ideas below!

Step 9: Done!

Once everything is assembled switch your light on and see the awesomeness.

Please comment ideas and give this instructable a like!



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2 years ago

I love the finished product. I voted for you :) Good luck!

1 reply

Reply 2 years ago

I know I totally agree I've made three now and they look great in the room I'm staying in on holiday!