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Introduction: Egg Stand With Hand Carving

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Please check out the video for more details on making this egg holder.

Make this cool looking egg holder with scrap wood.
It's very easy and minimal tools are required, even the tools you can make.

You'll need:

- jigsaw (coping saw)
- drill and drillbits (spade bits)
- any scrap wood pieces 3/4'' (20mm) thick
- dowel 1/2'' (12mm)
- glue

- carving tools (you can make your own)
- finish (sandpaper, varnish)

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Step 1: Dimension the Eggs

You'll need to see how big hole you need to accept your eggs.
Take some spade (forstner) bits and drill holes.

Then just test it with eggs you are using.
When satisfied use that size drill bit to drill the holes out.

PS I used 1-1/2'' (38mm) spade bit for my size eggs.

Step 2: Draw the Template

Depending on how many eggs you want to put on your stand the size of the plate(s) will change.
I opted for 8 eggs on the bottom and 6 eggs on the top.
Draw it on the paper and then figure out the sizes, it's easy and very custom that I can't give you exact measurements.
Use protractor to divide the circle in amount of eggs you want to put inside of each plate.

Step 3: Drill the Holes

Drill the center hole for the size of your dowel (good size is 1/2'' dowel).
Then drill the holes for the eggs to fit in (drill from both sides to prevent blowout).
Cut out the circles with a jigsaw and then sand to the line.

Step 4: Draw the Design

My wonderful wife Barbara drew the design (pattern) on the 3 circles and it came out just beautifully.
Thank you my dear.

Step 5: Carve It!

We used a small V gauge but we missed more tools so I sharpened the flathead screwdriver like a small chisel.
Also a cutter came in very handy.
This was a fun process and if you own the carving set it will make this a breeze.

Step 6: Stain

Use acrylic paint to stain your carve so it stands out.
Sand just enough to make the high spots shine.
Clean with a cloth.

Step 7: Glue Up and Finish

Glue the dowel into the holes and for the medium circle just

measure the height and mark it with a pencil on the dowel.

Then slide the circle in and drop the glue onto the dowel, slide it in place.

Since you catch it by the top small circle use there epoxy (or wood glue) to glue it to

the dowel as this will give stronger bond than CA glue).

Finish it with your favorite transparent finish (we used homemade wax/oil mix)

Step 8: Show It Off!

We are very happy on how this egg holder turned out.
It was made from scrap pieces of curly cedar wood and it came out looking awesome

besides being completely FREE to make!

Give it a go, it is simple, yet beautiful project to make and give as a present!

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