Egg Timer for Kids!




Introduction: Egg Timer for Kids!

This particular instructable is the process that i went through to design an egg timer using kids as my key market. well the kids parents really. I hope you enjoy the pics and the process.

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Step 1: First We Need the Research and a Moodboard or Two for the Client

This part of the process has a large amount of work that goes before the actual presentation. Things like finding out whats out there already, understanding pricing, materials, market research, turn around time to complete manufacturing, tooling, and who are the target market exactly.

Step 2: Next We Sketch Up a Storm

Step 3: CAD Follows the Sketching

There was a lot of time spent designing and putting this little guy together! Thank the heavens for CAD

Step 4: Then! Theres Model Making and Rapid Prototyping

The first four pictures are the wooden mockup that i turned on a lathe. I used car paint to coat the model as this polishes up nicely and also has great coverage. I treated the wood with a sealer and sanded till it was smoother than a pane of glass. After that I painted and it came out like what you see here. The white parts are grown in a fused deposition modelling machine using the actual solid model files from CAD.

Step 5: Then There Was Render and Colour Study!

The images attached here are the final part of the project. I made them to portray a manufactured item and its packaging. The model is the original cad model that I converted into a STEP format file and imported into Rhinoceros 4. I then used a combination of really good lighting techniques and vray to achieve these lifelike renders.

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down the design lane.

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    5 Discussions


    Question 5 months ago on Step 5

    Hi deksta,

    I was wondering where you purchased the mechanical timer from?

    Thanks for your help, love your project!



    Answer 5 months ago

    Since it was prototype I purchased an already existing cheap timer and pulled it apart for the timer mechanism inside.


    3 years ago

    Please post the latest pics of your product. Would love to see them.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I did, the problem was that the prototyping process i used was too rough! so a lot of the tolerances i was using were too tight. But with the new printer hopefully that will be gone.