Egg People With Hair!




In this instructable we are going to make funny eggs with hair. Works good for both easter and Persian new year.

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Step 1: Materials

No advanced materials are needed.
• Colouring pencils/pens
• Seeds (I used garden cress)
• A bit of dirt
• Candle Base as a stand for the finished eggs

☆You could optionally use googly eyes which makes them ten times funnier
• Glue
•Googly eyes

Step 2: Hollow the Egg

You have to be very careful. First crack the egg a bit on the top and then peel off. make the hole as big as you would like the hair to grow out from.

Then pour put the yolk and wash the shell. You can keep the yolk and the white for som easter baking later.

Step 3: Drawing the Faces

Glue on the eyes if you choose that option and paint on the face.

This step I actually up to you, let the creativity flow! You could make the members of you family.

Step 4: Adding the Dirt and Planting the Seeds

Pour the dirt on a paper to make it easy to get inside the hole. Fill it halfway through, as garden cress can grow quite long. Then just pour the seeds on top of the dirt, they don't have to go under.

When watering you have to be a bit careful to not overwater. I used a lab pipette but you could take a tissue and soak it in water and press it to make it drip small droplets inside the hole.

Step 5: Yaay!

You're finished! now you just have to wait 2-4 days for the hair to grow out

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