Egghash or Romano Skillet




Introduction: Egghash or Romano Skillet

Self proclaimed egghash is a dish that combines eggs, cheese, hash browns, and just about anything you can think of into a quick and easy pizza style breakfast dish. It is very versatile, as well. Add any vegetable or meat or filling you can think of.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

What you will need:

-2 eggs
-one potato of your choice
-cheese of your choice (romano, parmesan, mozzarella, etc)
-2 tbsp milk
-Cooking/Frying oil

Optional but yummy:

-green onions
-whatever you can think of

Step 2: Cooking It!

1. Heat up some oil (enough to cook your potatoes) on high.. I used about a half inch of oil. Coconut oil makes the BEST hash browns and doesn't burn.
2. Grate one potato of your choice.
3. When the oil is real hot, sprinkle in your potatoes.
4. While these are cooking, in a small bowl, mix eggs, milk, vegetables/fillings, and cheese.
5. When hash browns are golden, drain the oil, and if you must, lay the hash browns on a few layers of paper towel. With the potatoes in the pan, pour the egg mixture over and cook on medium heat until set. You can either cook like a pizza, and flip the entire thing over, or omelet style.

tip on cooking hash browns: these can be very frustrating. Do NOT stir the potatoes. Just sprinkle them into the pan, let them sit, and use the spatula to keep the edges from sticking. When the edges are golden, try prying under the edges to see if they can be lifted up. When they stick together like a pizza, slip the spatula under it, and flip em over.

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