Eggs Benedict Canapes

Introduction: Eggs Benedict Canapes

After the success of my Eggs Benedict Variation recipes I though that I should try to make them in Canape form, which means, smaller more adorable and posh version! Like all Canapes, they need to be:

Small, Salty, Circular and in 4 Components

1. Small; generally one mouthful

2. Salty, to encourage you to drink more champagne at your opulent gathering!

3. Circular for aesthetics

4. Made of four components: a. the base, b. the main ingredient, c. the sauce. d. the garnish

If you manage to get the knack of making these fiddly little things then you might be interested to know that they can be sold in a professional environment for as much as £1 each. These little treats would work perfectly for informal and formal Gatherings, I for one think that I am going to use this recipe on Christmas day as a complement to early morning Bucks Fizz and smoked salmon.

In this recipe I have chosen to make the English muffins from scratch as you cant buy ones small enough however if you want to skip this step then you can take a small cookie cutter and cut out circles from normal English muffins or buy Canape Blini either one should work perfectly.

Step 1: Ingredients


English Muffins

100 g flour

2 g yeast

2 g salt

15 g sugar

15 g butter

1 egg

45 ml milk

Eggs Benedict

2 rashers of bacon cooked and chopped

12 quails eggs

1/4 of a batch of hollandaise sauce

1 egg

65 g butter

Chopped Chives

Salt and pepper

The Four Steps.

1. English Muffins

2. Prepare the Bacon and Eggs

3. Prepare the Hollandaise sauce sauce

4. Arrange the Eggs Benedict and Serve

1. English Muffins

Combine all English muffin ingredients in to a large bowl and work together by kneading to form a soft dough. You will likely need more flour to bring it together so have some on the side ready to use.Allow to rise for 1 hour, this recipe can make around 12 muffins so once risen pull off 12 small balls of dough and grill in an (un-oiled) pan for 6 minutes on each side.

2. Prepare the bacon and eggs

Cook 2 rashers of bacon until crispy in a pan, then allow it to cool before you chop it up in to very small pieces. Next prepare they eggs by cracking them in to a hot pan. I found the Quail eggs to be very difficult to crack effectively, so its better if you go in to the recipe expecting to ruin a few of them like I did, once the eggs are done done you should set aside for later.

3. Prepare the Hollandaise sauce

This one I have done in another video which I will provide a link for, but I also shall go through it briefly now. Melt 250g of butter in a pan and allow to cool slightly and separate once melted, in another pan you need to gently boil some water; you will need to come back to this later. In another bowl place your 4 egg yolks with a dash of water and a few drops of lemon juice. Place your egg yolk bowl over your gently boiling water bowl and then turn off the heat. Now whisk, whilst whisking you need to slowly pour in the melted butter. (The butter should have separated into two levels: a clear golden level on the top and a thick milky level just below, you only want to use the top level; this is the clarified butter). Be very careful; you do not pour in too much butter at once as you will split it, and if you do there will be no way to save it! You know that your sauce is ready when it becomes thick and just starts to create peaks when the whisks moves through it. Finally, its important that you don't season your sauce until right at the end otherwise you risk splitting it.

4. Arrange the Eggs Benedict and serve

Lastly you will actually need to actually make them and bring all of your ingredients together. Start off by heating a pan and frying the muffin halves until you get some colour, this shouldn't be more than 30 seconds. Next place your muffins toasted side up in neat order on a board or plate, then place a small amount of bacon on top of that, then the fried quail eggs next about a teaspoons worth of Hollandaise sauce, finally add some chopped chives, salt and pepper.

Thank you for reading and watching my video, if you have any comments or queries please contact me and I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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