Eggs Yo-Yo





Introduction: Eggs Yo-Yo

While making  CARTOON EYES  I saw that the thread around the stuck eggs could be used as a yo-yo.

So here it is, a Yo-Yo made out of two eggs and a bit of thread!!

For any technical questions, please refer to this instructable, the process is Exactly the same.



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    This seems to be a good way to make a mess on the floor. Is there a way to use 'wooden' eggs or something so there wouldn't always be a danger of ruining 'grandma's antique embroidered carpet'?

    Also you could make the cuts and leave the yolk and white in and glue it to get her and than put on the string and give it one good spin and than break it open and scrambled eggs

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    It doesn't totally works well.

    What works well is the spinning, as eggs are well aligned, and well balanced.

    What doesn't works well, yet, is where the thread winds up.
    It's radius is too big and when it comes to the bottom, it makes a knock which destabilise the hole thing.

    I'm trying to reduce this radius, but reducing it also reduces the cohesion of the two eggs and makes it break.

    as soon as I have a well working yoyo i post a vid!