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When I saw the Egg Contest in instructables's contest page I decided to make something using the egg specially using the eggshell. I was thinking and finally I decided to make a LED chandelier using eggshell. Last weekend I made it. Now, I want to share it here. I used 4 V LED strip and 4 V lead-acid battery to glow the eggshell. I hope you will enjoy it.

Step 1: What I Used

1. Eggshell (1 brown + 5 white)

2. 4 V LED Strip (ebay) (AliExpress)

3. 4 V Lead-acid battery (ebay) (AliExpress)

4. Glue Adhesive (ebay) (or you can find your local hardware or stationery store)

5. Foam Board (1 inch thick) (ebay)

6. Some wires

Step 2: Hollow the Eggs

Wash the eggs with soap and water. Using the pin, poke a hole in the top of the egg. Just be gentle! You don't want to break your egg. Carefully enlarge the hole around 1 cm in diameter. Now drain the whites and yolk out of the egg and pour to a small bowl. This can be a little tricky. You might need to shake the egg a bit and puncture the yolk to get it all out, you can use the handle of a table spoon to do the job easily. Repeat this with all the eggs and thoroughly rinse out the eggs.

Step 3: Prepare the LED

Take a 4 V LED Light Strip and make some pieces containing 2 or 3 LED in each piece from the strip. Solder 10-12 inch wire to the positive and negative point of every pieces. Then make a knot to the wire near the LED. Follow the photos added herewith. Knot will help us to adjust it with eggshell using foam cap.

Step 4: Make the Cap

Take a piece of 1 inch thick foam board and make a cone shape using sharp knife. Then create a bowl like hole to the wider side of the cone. We will attach this side to the eggshell later using glue. Take a screw driver and make a hole to the cone as shown in photo. We will use this hole to bring out the wires of LED light from the egg shell.

Step 5: Make the Egg Light

Pulls out the wires of LED light made before through the hole of the cone. Keep the LED to the wider side of the cone. Use some resin adhesive or craft glue and fix the foam cone to the egg shell keeping the LED strip into the egg shell as shown in the images. Your egg light is ready now.

Step 6: Hang Out the Lights

Take a round card board and make some hole in equal distance to hang the egg lights. You can hang brown one at the center of the board. Instead of using card board you can use circular ring to hang the egg lights. It depends on your own choice. Then connect positive wires of all lights together. Do the same for the negative wires. You should use insulator tape to protect the lights from accidental short circuit.

Step 7: Power Up the Lights

Take a 4 V lead-acid battery and connect the positive wire of egg lights to the positive lead of the battery through an on/off switch. Connect negative wire of the lights to the negative lead of the battery. Turn on the switch. If everything is OK the all egg light should be turn on as like as the photo.

Step 8: Enjoy!!!

If you followed all the previous steps then your egg light is ready to use. Hang it in your convenient place and power up the light in the night and enjoy it. I showed you a way, now you can implement it in your own way, your choice. You can make a egg tree or you can make shade light. All depends on your imagination.

If you want to power up the lights from AC source you should use LED driver circuit. If you use rechargeable battery like me you may recharge it using 6 V wall adapter.

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    Tarun Upadhyaya

    2 years ago

    What a great and unusual Idea. Congrats on the win :)


    2 years ago

    Good creativity!! Keep it up!!


    2 years ago

    nice work ..


    2 years ago

    Interesting idea.

    You can also suck the yolk out using a syringe which will leave a smaller hole and no need to shake the egg around.

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