Introduction: Eggshell

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It is a stool that can be wrapped in an egg-shaped shell.
It is a big size that even adult men can enter.(W 1m H 1.25m D 1m)


Step 1: Cut Shell Parts

Tool: Shopbot(CNC),
outline:1/4" Downcut
groove: 1" 60° V Flute

Material: MDF 2.5 mm

Make the parts in for the next number.

1-1: 3 sheets
1-2: 3 sheets
2-1: 3 sheets
2-2: 3 sheets
3-1: 1 sheets
3-2: 1 sheets
4-1: 1 sheets
4-2: 1 sheets
5: 1 sheets
6: 1 sheets

Cut out the outer side, insert a groove of 1.25 mm inside line


Step 2: Making a Joint

Tool: Laser cutter

Material: MDF 5.5 mm

Make the parts in for the next number.
A: 8 pieces
B: 8 pieces
C: 8 pieces
D: 8 pieces
E: 10 pieces
F: 10 pieces
G: 10 pieces
H: 6 pieces
I: 6 pieces
J: 10 pieces
K: 10 pieces
L: 16 pieces


Step 3: Bend Each Parts

As shown in the photo, fold each part.

Note: Do not fold too strongly.
Note: When folding, hold one side equally.

Step 4: Connect Parts Together

As shown in the diagram A - L, connect the parts using a joint

This completes the outer shell

Step 5: Cut the Seat and Build It Up

Tool: Lazer cutter

Material: MDF 2.5 mm.

Cut the seat and build it up

Completed putting in the shell.

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