Egyptian Queen Face Paint



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Be queen of the Nile with this simple Egyptain princess face paint!

I give credit to the following Instructables posts:




I also give credit to Philadelphia Tivoli of Face Painting Tips, whose eBook Halloween Make-Up Guide: 20 Face Painting Designs actually features this design!

Step 1: Step by Step

Here's a step by step visual on how I painted this design.

  1. I began with a layer of yellow over the eyes and across the temples and upper cheekbones.
  2. Next, I used more yellow for the big stripe on the forehead.
  3. Then, I used dark blue to paint a line on the bottom of the yellow stripe.
  4. Following that line, I added two rows of dots, one dot directly under the other.
  5. Then, I painted a line across the eyebrow and added a winged eyeliner.
  6. Then, I added some Egyptian inspired swirls under the eye, and coming out from the corner, I added 3 small droplets.
  7. Then, I repeated the same steps for the other eye, and added a point to the ends of the eyebrow lines.
  8. Finally, I used red lipstick to complete the look.
  9. After letting my hair down a bit for drama, the design is complete!

Step 2: Done!

Now, you can see the finished image of my Egyptian queen on this slide here! It looks simple, I know, but, this is the perfect design for any face painting beginner! This also works great for those busy face painting events!



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