Eiffel Tower Made From 43,642 Matchsticks

Introduction: Eiffel Tower Made From 43,642 Matchsticks

Hello Everyone, i am from india, please bear if there are any mistakes as we dont have proffesional tools like rotary tools etc, for proper finishing, also this is my first post, and also made from bare hands like pliers and cutters.

Eiffel Tower Info:

Made Of : 43,642 matchsticks

Project Started in : 22nd March 2012

Project Ended In : 4th June 2014

Time Take: 1&1/2 Year approx

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Step 1: Requirements

Things Required

1. Loads of Match sticks with cut heads, preferable. In the first half i purchased boxes and cut the match heads. Then, through my uncle i arranged a carton of matchsticks without head, which costed around Rs.2500

2. Fevicol SH around 10Kg (i.e White synthetic resin adhesive used to glue wood)

3. FeviKwik 5ml - 10 Packets of Rs. 5 each pack contains 75 pieces(i.e Instant Epoxy adhesive)

4. Pliers

5. Cutting Blade

6. 48mmx66mm white sello tape -- 5pieces transparent one not brown

7. Scrap Cardboards for working, i had some from packagings etc.

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