Eight CD Holder Made From a SINGLE CD :D

Introduction: Eight CD Holder Made From a SINGLE CD :D

So I was trying to figure out what to do with a pirated version of Windows.  Being as I strive to be ethical in every way I can, I couldn't allow myself(or my hackspace) to own either pirated software or Windows.  

So after much thought as to the most valuable use of this CD.  I settled upon using it to hold my old Linux and LOTR CDs.  

This stand will hold eight CDs.

Here is what you will need
1)  Hot Glue Gun
2)  Unwanted CD
3)  Marker
4)  Scissors
5)  Ruler
6)  Sheet of paper

Submitted by Montana Ethical Hackers for the Instructables Sponsorship Program!

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Step 1: First Mark Your Lines to Cut the CD

Draw a perfect plus sign through the center of the CD by:
1)  lining up your sheet of paper with the center of the CD.  
2)  outline the paper on the CD.(Pic #1)
3)  continue the lines with your ruler.  Pic #2

Draw two perfectly spaced parallel lines.  You are going to cut along these lines(then I promise we're done with the maker).
1)  Line the bottom edge of your ruler up parallel with one of the lines you have drawn.  
2)  Line the 4" mark of the ruler with the center line that runs perpendicular to the ruler.  Pic #3
3)  Make marks where the ruler says 5 3/4 inches and 2 1/4 inches
4)  Line the top edge of your ruler up parallel with one of the lines you have drawn.
5)  Again make marks where the ruler says 5 3/4 inches and 2 1/4 inches
6)  Draw a line across the CD that passes through both 5 3/4" marks.  Pic #4
7)  Draw a parallel line across the CD that passes through both 2 1/4" marks on the other side.

Your CD should look like the picture in pic #5

Step 2: Cut Your Lines Out

You may want to place down a newspaper for this next bit.  It get's glittery.  At very least, put your paper under your cutting zone.

Cut the last two lines that you drew with the pair of scissors.  Pic #1

Cut from the corner of the arc to the center of the CD.  See Pic #2

Cut the remaining three corners.

Bisect your two arcs with the scissors.  You should have the pieces shown in Picture #3.

You should have four arc pieces at this point and two trapezoidal pieces. 

Cut two of the arcs into halves.  Pic #4

Cut one of the arcs into fourths. See Picture #5

Cut the last one of the arcs into eighths.  See Picture #6

We are going to stagger these for the purpose of separating as many CDs as we can while only using up one CD. 

Step 3: Scrape the Shiny Bits Off

The shiny bits only look tacky after they start to break off.  

Plug your glue gun in and keep it in a safe place where it wont drip, fall, or catch fire.

Carefully work your  scissor blade under the shiny foil of the CD(pic #1).  I found that it was easiest to start from the inside of the CD wedge and work out.  It should come off like a ribbon(pic #2), but don't despair if it doesn't, you can always work the rest off with some patience. 

Remove the shiny bits from all of the CD pieces.  They should be clear with a subtle but pretty rainbow sheen underneath(pic #3).  If you get the idea to rinse them off in the bathroom sink, don't let any go down the drain!  It will cause hell for you later in plumbing bills if you don't get it out -.-

Fortunately, there's a trap to catch such things in most sinks.

...   Which reminds me!  I need to make an instructable on a home-made webcam spectrometer!  It uses chopped up bits of CDs!

We're now going to glue these pieces together in a specific order.  Keep all of the bottoms of the shards fairly lined up. It's okay if it's not perfect because we're building a base for this as well.

Set the first piece down and put a thin strip of hot glue on it(pic 4).  Then place the second piece on top of it(pic 5).  Make sure the bottoms line up.  Squeeze tightly and hold it to form a strong adhesion(pic 6).

Stick the pieces together in this order:
1/8 of an arc
1/2 of an arc
1/8 arc
1/4 arc




Then glue on the end crescent shapes.

Position the trapezoidal pieces with their smallest ends together 

Now put a large blob of hot glue on the bottom of your assembly.
Set your assembly onto the trapezoids so you assembly can't fall left or right (pic 7)

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