Einhell Table Saw Revisited




Introduction: Einhell Table Saw Revisited

Hi all,
this is my first instructable and nothing much interesting, but i joined to share so here are my two cents.

Nearly two years ago i bought this nearly crap mini table saw and regretted about
I don't want to complain about the product, which is a cheap one, bought for that reason, i want something more precise as it drove me crazy for a number of things
The fence is everything but a fence, and this is the major issue
Then the table is quite small: i don't have the need for a big one, but being able to move while working is a nice thing

I decided to "pimp my table saw" a little bit, here's how

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Step 1: Dismantling the Saw

First of all i dismantled the saw, to be sure how it works and what pieces i needed to save (most of them, actually)
I decided to throw away just a few panels of the structure

Next step was to find a new table: i had two plywood panels 70x100cm, 20mm thick
The saw will be attached under the table with some wood screws, so i would lose 20mm of maximum cutting height: no good. I bought a new 254mm blade instead of the old 205mm one
This required some hacking to the saw: elongate the insert hole, cut a way trough the bottom of the dust box. Everything else fits the new blade without modifications

Step 2: New Blade Fitting

This is the saw after grinding some more room to fit the new blade
I will add a protection later and also close the dust box with its lid

Tested and... Gosh, it works!!!

Step 3: Creating the Insert

I thought about how to cut the insert in a precise and not dangerous manner, since the new blade is no longer flush with the old table surface
Best solution i came out with, is to mount the old blade, make an accurate position and then make a first cut. Then change the blade.
I also cut out a rectangular hole with the jigsaw to make room for the blade during mounting.
Everything works fine so far.
Time for a real table solution.

Step 4: The Table

I had a metal structure, in two parts, that i found at the junkyard. Guess it was a rack or something like that.
It's not heavy, but just enough for a temporary solution.
I need to remove one of the shafts at the knob height and weld it in a better position.
Then find a way to attach the table to the plywood avoiding the steel to ruin the wood. I used some scrap wood and made two "shoes" for the plywood.

Step 5: Assembling and Tuning

Last but not least, assemble it all together and tune the saw.
Spray some zinc over the weldings and i'm ready to build some accessories: fence, sled etc

Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading.

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    3 years ago

    Nice job!! Looking forward to doing something like this myself!!

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Awesome project. Thanks for sharing. When I make some more space in my workshop, I am definitely going to make something like this.