Elastic Launched Glider




Elastic Launched Gliders are wooden airplanes (specifically gliders) that are launched by any standard rubber bands. The correct flight path the glider takes is a ascend, left to right turn descend, and land. These gliders are tricky to make at first but once you get the hang of it, these are really fun to make and fly. For instructions see ( google search: AMA's Indoor Catapult Glider Video on Science Olympiad).
I personally have won medals in science competitions on these gliders, though I don't consider myself an expert. I have only worked with these a few years, and currently enrolled in high school. Yet, I find these wonder woodworks to be a challenge and a hobby.

Step 1: Supplies

Balsa Wood(1/32, extremely thin) and long thin strands of (1/2 by 1/8 deep, any length).
Exacto knife
Wood glue
Nose weight/ballast (any malleable material)
Glider plans/design/templates/dimensions
Wax paper
Sand paper(sanding block is fine)
Tape(not required but helps)

Step 2: Plans

It's okay to make your own plans. You will learn better and understand the basics of aerodynamics.

Step 3: Tips

•Don't get frustrated!! Your not going to make a perfect glider the first time!!
•Make a flight log. So you can record what went right and wrong
•keep a notebook to make notes, drawings, and future plans
•Have fun!!



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