Elastic Shoe Lace Hack for LAZY PEOPLE

Hello guys in this tutorial i gonna present you elastic shoe lace hack which is very use full for lazy people like me and those who hate to tie and remove the shoe lace

By following this tutorial you will be able to make a shoe which is tight enough to wear and as well as easy to remove and wear

Lets do this

Step 1: Required Material

1) The main material required is Elastic thread and shoes

2) Heat shrink tube or sleeve

Step 2: Tools Required


Step 3: Preparation

Step 1

Measure the length of the elastic thread required by taking the old lace as reference and mark some cm less than the old lace , for example if the old lace is of 60cm then take 50cm of elastic thread (Here in my case my shoe has only 2 provisions for lace so mine was of only 40 cm the length of lace varies from shoe to shoe)

Step 2

After cutting insert small heat shrink tube on It and heat the tube so it will shrink so that there wont be any annoying split ends of the thread

Step 3

Now insert the lace into the holes provided on the shoe and measure the tightness you want and tie the lace

while removing just pull the tongue of the shoe so that you can remove shoe from your foot

while wearing just pull the tongue of the shoe and insert your foot into the shoe

That's it

As some thing going wrong while embedding the video link am posting the link below

Here is the link for the video

hope you guys enjoyed it

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