Elastic Band Gun

Intro: Elastic Band Gun

Here's a tutorial of how to make my basic elastic band gun. I cant remember why I called it the  'P100 San' but here it is anyway!!!

Sorry about the poor diagrams but I was using paint! If you can suggest any better program for showing diagrams like this, please let me know (I would really appreciate it)!

Youtube video link: Here

This is the improved version the 'P105 San'

Step 1:

1. ​The barrel and connecting plate

2. Side panel

3. Trigger system

4. Back panel

Circle: Bolt for the trigger mechanism to rotate on.

Green: Elastic bands to spring trigger and hold ammo in place.

Step 2:

End result with other side panel on.

Step 3: Loading

Put elastic band (red line) on the notch at the end of the barrel and pull it back then hook it over the triangular part sticking out of the top.

Step 4: Firing

Pull the trigger. (As indicated by yellow arrow)



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