Elder Scissorhands

This is my 7 year old son, Bronson.  I dressed him up as "Elder Scissorhands" instead of Edward Scissorhands to put a twist on it.  We used a straight black wig and cut it into diffferent lengths and teased it with a comb and hair sprayed it to give it an effect of a mad scientist.  For the makeup we used a light concealer for the base ad then took a small eye shadow brush and dipped it into a dark brown eye shadow and shadowed around the eyes, nose and mouth areas.  Then took the same color eye shadow, but used a bigger brush to shadow the forehead and cheek areas.  I took a flat black eye shadow with a lipstick brush and colored the lips.  I only colored in the middle of the lips to give it a sad look effect.  I used a lighter concealer with a lipstick brush to paint the scars.  I then used a dark brown to shadow the scars to give it a puffy scar effect.  For the hands we bought a pair of hand/wrist shields and then printed out pictures of half scissors off of our computer and cut them out and glued them onto cardboard and then glued them onto the wrist shields.  For the name tag we used a sample off of the computer to change the name and print off and then glued it onto cardboard.  We picked a plain black suit for the outfit to fit the mold of a "Missionary/Elder."  We managed to do this outfit for $14.00.




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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This costume is the best representation of Edward/Elder Scissorhands that I have seen.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Printing off photos of scissors is so smart. This turned out amazing!